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  • Online music tuition (via Skype) or in-person music tuition in London.
  • Trumpet tuition from beginner level up to grade 8 standard and music college/university applicant level of playing.
  • ​Jazz and improvisation tuition (for horns), composition, and music theory lessons. Please enquire for more info.
  • Optional first lesson on the 'pTrumpet' (see top image) before you purchase your own instrument (advice given). 
  • ​I teach ages 8 and up, including adults, as well as amateur players looking to get back to playing after some time off.
  • My philosophy as a teacher is that there is no 'one size fits all'. I am guided by what you want to get out of the lessons.
  • I like to teach both with and without books and notated music, in order to develop a balanced and rounded approach to brass playing and music as a whole, improving both reading and aural/musicianship skills side by side. ​
  • Get in touch for your FREE online half-hour consultation lesson and/or informal chat. See full pricing below.
 What I offer:
Examples of books I may recommend:
Please note these are more trumpet-related rather than music or style-specific, and won't necessarily be suitable for every student's musical and technical goals.
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  • One-to-one & whole-class tuition.
  • Youth ensemble leadership.
  • Musicate programme 2020-2021.
  • Workshops and Zoom sessions.
  • Please enquire for further details. 
  • £40 per hour / £25 per half-hour (lessons in London SW15, or online via Skype).
  • Travel to you in London (depending on location) for £45 ph/ £30 phh.
  • 5 x 1 hour lessons for £180 £200.
  • 10 1 hour lessons for £350 / £390.
  • Purchase bulk lessons in 2 stages
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